This site provides access to some of the latest research and observations on the benefits of Dingoes in landscapes, both environmentally and for cattle production, and ways to successfully incorporate Dingoes into land and stock management. It has been primarily set up as a source of background information for the Facebook page, Landholders for Dingoes and the connected private grazier’s discussion group, Discussing Dingo Dogma- Landholder’s Forum.

As apex predators, Dingoes are important in maintaining the environmental health of Australian landscapes. Increasing evidence from scientific research and from on-ground observations by land managers show that they can be valuable partners in agriculture. They reduce over-grazing by controlling kangaroos and controlling, in some cases locally eradicating, feral herbivore pests (goats, pigs and rabbits) and carnivores (foxes and cats). By maintaining Dingo populations on their properties, graziers will additionally benefit by a reduction in the costs, time and frustration spent in the often unsuccessful effort to control them.

It is acknowledged and recognised that for sheep and goat producers, Dingoes in a district can have severe impacts unless there are active measures, not necessarily lethal, to protect these smaller stock.

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